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The NHS Scholarship helps fuel the passions and talents of emerging adults and leaders. Learn how NHS Scholarship winners are making a difference.

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As a student at Washington and Lee, I studied abroad at the University of Oxford, an experience that has been both enlightening and enriching. Living and learning in the oldest educational institution in the western world has been an honor—taking art history tutorials in the backrooms of the Ashmolean museum, spending one-on-one time with tutors who are at the forefront of their discipline, and playing cricket alongside brilliant students on and off the pitch. I owe this opportunity—and so many others like it—to scholarships such as the NHS Scholarship, which allowed me to pursue my passions and go outside my comfort zone to seek opportunity.

Meera Kumar
NHS alum from Horizon Community Learning Center, AZ
Washington and Lee University
Class of 2016

My NHS Scholarship has been instrumental in allowing me to have a full college experience. My scholarships have allowed me to live on campus in the honors dorms; participate in the many extracurricular opportunities; stay involved in serving my state, city, school, and community. I am currently pursuing a business administration major and run a nonprofit that is spreading nationally and getting involved with different start-ups to help people around the world. Getting involved in new experiences as well as things you love is the best advice I would take away from my experience.

David Sagae
NHS alum from Hillcrest High School, Utah
University of Utah
Class of 2018

As a freshman at UC Berkeley, I was inducted into the National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors for my research titled “A Novel Approach to ‘Capture’ Wingtip Vortices.” I developed innovative new methods for measuring and reducing aircraft wake vortex intensity. In April 2015, I was recruited to be a summer intern with the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base. At the end of the internship, I was handpicked to spend a day with a board of NASA aeronautics engineers and leaders in brainstorming and project prospecting. Thank you again for the scholarship award!

Loren Newton
NHS alum from La Sierra High School, California
University of California, Berkeley
Class of 2018

The NHS Scholarship allowed me the financial flexibility to pursue additional courses, namely an Emergency Medical Technician course, at college. I serve my college and home communities; lead coworkers, peers, and families through emergencies; and practice astounding character in my EMT work. This experience is invaluable for an aspiring doctor.

Collette A. O’Connor
NHS alum from Fontbonne Academy, Massachusetts
Boston University
Class of 2018